This is one of the very important questions one has to ask to own self that, Why I need to get marry ?

Many times while counselling many parents and their child I came across many wanted to get their child marry soon as the belief is that one has to start his or her life by so & so age. This is a proven fact as our scriptures also taught us the same. But nowadays many girls and boys looking for a compatible match but they could not find the reason behind that is only that they do not know why they want to get married ?

One of the member looking for many proposals on online matrimonial sites, marriage bureaus and many other places but he could not final & one day he came asked a simple question, Purvangi, I have seen 100 odd profiles followed by few meetings but could not get a single match? How your personalised matrimonial services help me please explain.

I said there is a simple solution for this is that have ever asked why you want to marry? Just because your friends, acquaints and cousins are married. Just because your parents are forcing you to marry or you need a partner to share your inner thoughts, feelings, finances, troubles, happiness, tough times. Just think of same and decide which factor dominate you most to get married.

By doing this exercise you come to know the reason for getting marry and once you clear through this you may ask yourself what qualities you're looking for in your partner? These two questions make your search easy for matrimony and you finalised your partner soon. Also, never think that a partner should be like as me NO GOD CREATED A PARTNER OPPOSITE TO US WHY BECAUSE  HE OR SHE ALWAYS FEEL THE GAP OF THE QUALITIES WHICH WE HAVE NOT ..SAME BY OUR PARTNER

This exercise helps you to improve your search into the right direction and get the perfect match as you are looking for. Keep your bio-data registered at right place and search with the counsellor get much better than what you search…