This is about my one of the member was asking question Purvangi, why am I not getting what I am looking while searching life partner ? Why my fears do not allow me to start again and move on in my life ? What would I do if this will again repeat ? Would I be so good hence people are taking me like this ?

These are the questions from a young boy searching for life partner again after divorce. He was discussing and sharing his own thoughts that I am not in the condition that I can start but want to start as there is a family pressure. Also, age is running and then very few people understand the requirement. Major important thing while discussing this issue I came to understand is that past fears and worries make man think twice before taking any action. And this is one of the human life lessons. But fear is just the thought and nothing because the fact the reality is very different than our thinking. But this is also correct that fearful thoughts bring more fearful circumstances and situations and yes bring people in either way sometimes.

To overcome this problem I asked him only one solution and that think of the qualities you are looking for in your life partner. Looking for next level like things will be different than what was the past. Be grateful because as you again get the chance to live your life and getting the chance to again select your life partner. Have the very much clear picture in mind regarding your soul mate. The only way to come from the scarce of the past or scary relation is that you again have someone good enough with whom you spend rest of the life. Be thoughtful for your last mistakes and learnt from that experiences that it will not repeat again. Think of the thoughts that how you make happy your soul mate in any conditions and be grateful whatever you have faced. Because rather the bear the burden of the relation put it to the end and start with the fresh.

Speak of the issues you were facing in last relations and learnt from mistakes will give you the solutions while searching new companion. Be happy and optimistic about your soul mate search never hurriedly going but search with emotions and feelings.