Matrimonial BIo-Data necessary??

Hey Purvangi Hope you are doing very well! Sudden call received from one of the prestigious and reputed family of the Ahmedabad as they are searching for their Daughter very lovely, pretty and beautiful. Communication was very well and her father asked me to meet at their place for the discussion of the matrimonial for their lovely daughter. It was very nice one to one family meeting where whole family available and discussed for their future in laws. Girl found to be very sorted and matured looking for very well established and educated person from all Upper caste. 

But than major question came in to that Purvangi we are not interested in sharing detailed bio-data of our daughter and we want you to discuss one to one with the family. It sounds first like to discuss a matter but without any documents and that to with the same cultured family. But yes as being in to customised and personalised services we took a charge and we start with service without any detailed bio-data and start communication and getting people to be convinced and arranged their meeting. 

Being Elitevivaah - Personalised Matrimonial Services we understand the dignity of the family we want them to be feel free with us and no need to share with us detailed bio-data. We always respect their confidentiality and ready always on toe to provide best services to all our members. 

We are bound to give you best and result oriented work so no matter for us to be formal in terms of bio-data and other necessities. We are happy to serve our members with their dignity… HAPPY  SEARCHING….