I have come across many families and parents those are saying Purvangi we have seen as much as we can but unfortunately we are not getting what we are searching for... These are the words of the one of the member’s mother who searched since long for her daughter.

While communicating I have gradually asked Aunty can you please tell me where do you search and how do you go ahead? She was telling we are looking at the Bio-data and we come to know that this fellow is matching or not matching and then we end up without meeting. But it took so long to decide this...

I have personally observed there are so many myths in Parents mind while searching for Soul mate.

  1. First, they are interested to see detailed bio-data and snaps of the prospective candidate but not ready to share their details this makes another person fed up in searching for their soul mate. I would suggest if we publish all things on Face Book but we can’t share bio-data at right place? And then to criticize that we are not getting what we are looking for... Think upon is it correct ?
  2. Secondly, this is correct process that we should see to the details of the another family and their kid but just declining them by not sharing our bio-data, don’t you think so as parent that they are also someone’s loved once. Can’t we share details and politely say we are not keen to go ahead?
  3. Third, half of the parents are not even try to approach for their kid to the prospective family and always looking at the bio-data with perception and end up things without meeting.
  4. Forth, many parents are not able to take decisions (indecision) and they just lingering the other person’s details by saying we are thinking and will get back to you soon.
  5. Fifth, if our kid share everything on all Social Media sites and as a parent you are putting details on right place is it correct process?

To overcome these myths Parent should be clear that if they are really searching for genuine purpose they have to keep their Child bio-data updated and put up at the right place. There is no harm in sharing and saying “NO” politely to someone so another prospective can’t wait as you lingering things.

This is my basic suggestions to many parents that if can’t take positive move then you can’t expect positive move from someone.

Matrimony is a process not outcome as it gives you immense pleasure while you see your child happy with own soul mate and there the duty is over as parent.