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Marriage made in heaven

Marriage made in heaven, many people say that but marriage is only happened through meeting with only right soul mate.

This is a true story about my one of the member whose name I cannot disclose but at least I can learn that when a person clicking with the right choice they areneglecting other criteria of the life.

This is a true story about my member who has been with me since last 3 years and our team was searching for him deadly because we wanted him to get marry. He is by marital status looking for second time and need soul mate that would be mirroring image of what he is! He is very cool and calm but very honest characteristics by the nature. It took me time to search for him right partner for 2 to 3 years. Many meetings taken place and many girls have approached him. But not matching with the criteria he was searching for.One day just before Diwali I met with his soul mate's parents and the age gap was 9 years. Being matrimonial consultant I denied not proceeding further because of 9 years of age gap. As per request parents from both the side has not communicated but again after 4 months they mate.

That was the month of cool December and they both like each other but only one thing don't click and both of their parents hesitated due to age. As per my view and as I can see both of them by their side matching each other by all ways. As per my expertise to understand the criteria I made them understand that any single point if you feel is not matching than one should deny. On that basis they have start communicated and finally they reached to the conclusion to final their matter.

As Elitevivaah we are more interested for your life and suggesting only those which is suitable.

Happily they finalised their matrimonial soul mate and tie knot in Feb, 2017.

We are very glad to give you our Success Story as Elitevivaah.com.

As our vision and mission to help parents and creating good society by us.

Happy Marriage by Elitevivaah.com

Marriage made in heaven